That Devil Music - September 23, 2019

That Devil Music is a collection of music gathered through years of wandering around the country and years of paying close attention to the best roots musicians traveling through Bellingham. Jazz, Blues, Balkan, Country, Americana, Gospel, and anything with a dark feeling and an acoustic instrument played well can find it's way on to the radio every Monday from 5pm to 6pm.

Oddjob Ensemble - Silver Sea

Pete Irving - Ways of Man

Crooked Constellation - Circling Sun

Corwin Bolt - Kingdom in the Sky

Louis Ledford - Everyone Leaves

Chris Acker and the Growing Boys - She's Not Here

Dumpster Joe and the Jazz Villains - Lullaby of the Leaves

Steph Wall - My Man

Tuba Skinny - Soudan

Petunia and the Vipers - Bright Light

The Ditrani Brothers - Phoenix and Gasoline

Belligerence - Moonshine

The Staggers and Jaggs - Scatscratch

Jocose Bird - I'd Rather Be an Animal

Three for Silver - Let 'em Down Easy

Maria in the Shower - Come Never