That's a Mouthful: Episode 5

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Dumpling King 

By: Francesco Savoy

Along comes a dumpling craving just when you least expect it. Fortunately, Dumpling King Noodle House and Bar is open to sate your yearnings. Just as guests enter the door, a full-service bar is a sight to behold. Amazing cocktails, and Elysian, Aslan, Kulshan and Melvin draft beers are available. They also serve tea, soft drinks and bubble tea, for those who prefer a less exciting beverage.
Among the many things that make this dumpling house different from the rest, is that they deliberately prepare foods mildly seasoned. Customers select from a variety of mild to face-numbingly-spicy-hot chili sauces, soy and fish sauces to flavor their dish. This type of service is appealing because it allows individuals to control the spice and heat of the dish. 
Start out with spring rolls, two per order, typical deep fried spring rolls filled with bean sprouts and assorted vegetables. Arguably the best part of this appetizer is the wrapper. The wrapper is light and flakey offering a most satisfying crunch when bitten into. Temptation to request a second order of spring rolls will be strong, so fight to control yourself or risk the disapproving smirks of your fellow dinners. The dishes here are priced to move and the portions large enough for a second meal!
In China they are called Jaozi, in Japan they are Gyoza, in America these dumplings are often referred to Pot Stickers. When ordering Dumpling Soup at Dumpling King Noodle House and Bar, remember that these are the Pot Sticker variety. The beef dumpling soup with Yaki Soba noodles will certainly satisfy the munchies. Two comfort foods in one bowl! The dumplings are stuffed with succulent tender beef, plentiful al dente semolina flour noodles, and that wonderful beef broth. This is the perfect dish for big appetites or those who plan on a to-go bowl. Vegetarians are welcome here, and both vegetarian dumplings and broth are always on the menu.
The 12 dumpling lunch special is a bargain and includes a bowl of egg flour soup, an appetizer of two deep fried wantons filled with crab and cream cheese. The main dish follows and among the many options is leak and bay shrimp dumplings and a side of rice. The dumplings are flavorful, and cooked to perfection. No undercooked and gummer or overcooked and wilted dumplings here. While every component of this meal is delicious, the soup broth is particularly memorable. The flavor profile is mild thus the addition of different sauces and chilies changes the character of the dish. Delicious food should be entertaining, too. 
Dumpling King Noodle House and Bar offers BBQ Plates and Dumplings Only plates for those who eschew broth. Carnivores will appreciate the variety of meat options: BBQ chicken, steak, short ribs, and combo plates of the aforementioned options. Plate dishes include rice and macaroni salad.  Dumplings only orders are not a problem at this restaurant. Guests may order up to 15 different fillings that include: shrimp, beef, and vegetable choices. Pescatarians, Vegetarians, Carnivores are catered to, and Omnivores may order to their stomachs delight!
Dumpling King Noodle House and Bar is a family friendly, all-inclusive restaurant. Sometimes people see, “bar” or a rainbow flag and assume that kids are taboo. This is a full-service restaurant that just happens to have a bar, and welcomes all people from everywhere – just like many other people friendly restaurants. Relax and enjoy noodles, hot soup, dumplings and a sturdy cocktail!