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KZAX 94.9LP FM serves the Bellingham community and beyond by focusing on broadcasting content from local programmers, and independent music from the Pacific Northwest and West Coast.


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We are located inside of the Make.Shift complex at 306 Flora Street in Bellingham, WA
Our public hours of operation are by appointment. Please contact the station manager.
Studio line:  (360) 933-4407

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Station Manager: Katie Gray

Program Director: Forrest Camire

Music Director: Josh Costa

Press Contact: Riley Currie


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In the Beginning there was: Mark Ashworth, Faithlife, and Rocket Donuts,  They provided much of the funding that purchased the original equipment to get the station on the air.  A big thank you to them for their vote of confidence in community radio.

Grand Ave Ale House                                                                                                             Minuteman Press
Icing on the Cake Bakery
Center for Mindful Use

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Want to get involved with KZAX? We need help previewing music, engaging the community and lots of other stuff. See when our next volunteer orientation is taking place here.

Currently KZAX is not accepting new DJ’s, we’ll be rolling out a new training system in 2020! Stay Tuned!


Music Submissions

If you or your band would like to submit original music to KZAX to be considered for airplay, send the following information to our Music Director.

Band Name:
Album Name:
Release Date:
Any tracks that are NOT FCC friendly? 
Singles/Recommended Tracks:

*Digital copies of music (.mp3 or .wav format) is preferred but we will gladly accept physical copies as well.


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