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In Aisle Eight, Gypsy Temple, Marshall Law Band

Friday, April 26th, 2019
Doors at 8:00pm // All Ages // $6 at the door (cash only)
No Booze, No Drugs, No Jerks

In Aisle Eight

Rock like you’ve never heard before

Gypsy Temple

“Listen. It’s after dark, and the stage is pulsing with bass and drums. There’s a pair of shimmering saxophones, a determined trumpet player, a cello bow with two strings left unsnapped, drum sticks pounding, bass coming up through the floor boards in emphatic rock and roll morse code, all while a silver guitar thrashing to the melody rips into the next song commandeered by an afro the size of a kick drum shaking like a palm tree in a hurricane. The beat picks up, the music grows louder and louder until band and crowd are worked up beyond return. Strings are broken, reeds are split, but the band plays on as one undeniable soul. They reach the breaking point and everyone cuts out on the final chord, leaving just the feedback of the guitar to blaze across the room. A few moments pass. They look around at each other, and break into ear to ear grins. The lead singer’s stage charisma is undeniable. This inspired band meets their fearless leader’s energy with sheer love of the music in wild abandon. “

Marshall Law Band

Marshall Law Band is 6 amazing musicians coming together to give the world a one-of-a-kind Funk-Hop sound!

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