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Warp & Woof: A Fiber Arts Extravaganza!

Make.Shift Gallery is excited to ring in the new year with “Warp & Woof: A Fiber Arts Extravaganza!” We invited the public to submit artworks created from any and all fiber-based mediums. Taking its name from the world of weaving (warp is the term used to describe the longitudinal fibers and woof the latitudinal), “Warp & Woof” is a celebration of the intersection between arts and crafts. This exhibit will feature locally made felted sculptures, a flowing fabric installation, detailed embroidery, and sew much more!

Want to show off your textile creations? There’s still time! The gallery will be accepting submissions until Saturday Dec 22nd. Just visit for more details. For more information about Art Walk or Make.Shift please visit our website at or contact the gallery director, Jessyca Murphy at