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Black Radish, Cat Valley, The Blood Capsules, Sam Bottman

Friday March 9th
8pm All Ages // $6 (cash at the door)
No Booze, No Drugs, No Jerks


Black Radish
Album release!!! "We intended on being a riot grrrl band but we had too many soft feelings"

Cat Valley
Surf rock with strong feminist themes.

The Blood Capsules

"The name The Blood Capsules conjures a lot of images; a group of solem individuals drowning in the deepest black of black clothes one could possibly find in desolated thrift stores, singing songs about witches and isolation; you know, proper goth stuff. While the name conveys a hard-edged very serious band, The Blood Capsules are in reality a bunch of happy(ish) guys who like bright colors and make weird pop songs."

Sam Bottman
Oddly angelic computer music delivered by a beautiful nymph of a man.