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Clambake, Yardsss ∅∀‡, Beautiful Freaks

Friday January 12th

8pm All Ages // $6 (cash at the door)
No Booze, No Drugs, No Jerks

Yardsss ∅∀‡ (Self Group, Portland)
The Beautiful Freaks


Yardsss ∅∀‡ -
∅∀‡ full band performance featuring Krist Krueger, Paul Michael Schaefer and Robin Levy. Regarding Krist Krueger's Yardsss: If you read about it before listening, you'd likely mistake it for a liberal arts master's thesis. Where most bands play "shows," Yardsss puts on "performance case studies" and multimedia installations, including a collection of songs inspired by—not covers of!—avant-garde composer John Cage. All this could be completely obnoxious except for one thing: Yardsss is transcendentally, earth-shatteringly gorgeous. If you can make music like that, you get to call your show a case study.