People often ask us “How do you do it?”                 DONATE HERE

Welp, we depend on our dedicated volunteers, and generous donations from local businesses and people like you.

Where does your dough go?

Some examples of what donations have helped us accomplish in the last year:

  • Major renovations to our gallery, including removal of fluorescent lights and addition of track lighting.
  • Construction of two brand new art studios in the basement using almost 100% recycled, reused and repurposed materials; Also gave a much-needed face-lift to one of our upstairs art studios.
  • Infrastructure and safety improvements to the basement venue area and music studios, including up-to-code electrical updates.
  • Addition of sound-dampening ceiling to our loudest practice space, to make things quieter for our neighbors.
  • Sound-dampened the venue-area garage door; addition of stage curtains to improve sound inside.
  • Help us build more with your donation!
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