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Staff Directory


Katie Gray
Executive Director & KZAX Station Manager

Katie has been an active member of the Bellingham music scene since she moved here in 2011. She’s a singer-songwriter and currently fronts The Katie Gray Band. Her career in radio began in 2013 as the maintenance engineer for KUGS at WWU. After earning her BA in Music and minor in Audio Technology she went on to commercial radio at KAFE 104.1 & KGMI AM790. Katie worked with Make.Shift for 3 years to put on her miniature music festival, MiniHam, before joining the official Make.Shift family in March 2017.



Jess Flegel

Chicago native Jess Flegel is an integral part to Make.Shift. Taking over the Gallery Director position early on at Make.Shift she has inspired and given many beginning artists a wall to showcase their work. Now, she is the handiest one on the team and is always working to improve things around the space. We love having Jess in the building and frankly can’t imagine how we would go on without her humor and work ethic.



Jessyca Murphy
Gallery Director

Jessyca is an artist and musician, active in the Bellingham arts and music scene since they went to Western in 2004. They have been involved with Make.Shift since 2010 and joined the Gallery Committee in 2013. Since they took over as Gallery Director in 2017, Jessyca's goal has been to bring more interactive arts experiences to the gallery and promote diversity of representation in the Bellingham arts community. 



Autumn Marceau  Booking Lead

 A born and raised "Bellinghamster," artist and musician Autumn Marceau began volunteering at Make.Shift in 2016. After dipping her toes into various different volunteer opportunities, she found her home in the booking team in 2017, and became booking lead in 2018. Experienced in both non-profit work and venue management, Autumn hopes to bring her skills, and passion for diverse music to this already thriving scene.  



Destiny Wormlight
Volunteer Coordinator

Atlanta native Destiny Wormlight moved to Bellingham in 2018 and immediately became involved with Make.Shift by volunteering. They’re an interdisciplinary visual artist you can often find slouching over some yarn or a sketchbook. They’re passionate about being involved in the community and aim to enrich it by fostering a motivated and fulfilled volunteer group who share that passion.


Steeb & Libby
Studio Managers

Both familiar faces to Bellingham and the local art community, Steeb and Libby are the dream team who manage the studios at Make.Shift. Their connectedness, creativity and general positivity bring a great deal to the organization along with having their studio locale at Make.Shift. Steeb draws and paints, his work an aesthetic pillar around town. Libby owns and operates Moth and Squirrel, a reclaimed luxury knit business, often found at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market along with the studio in Make.Shift. These two are quite involved in this lovely community.


Forrest Camire                     KZAX Program Director

Forrest is a Pacific Northwest father and music junkie. Moving to Bellingham to further his education, found himself more at home at places like Make.Shift and the Alternative Library and took full advantage of the learning opportunities offered to volunteers at Bellingham’s DiY art spaces. Just as likely to be found at front of house, back of house, or out of the house completely and on the trail, Forrest has involved himself in Bellingham’s music scene over the last four years running sound, helping to organize events, and putting together locally-focused programming for KZAX, Make.Shift Community Radio!



Kristen Stanovich  Outreach Coordinator

After graduating from Western with a degree in journalism, Kristen stayed in Bellingham to be involved with the arts community. She began volunteering at Make.Shift in summer of 2015 before becoming outreach coordinator in January 2016. Since then, she has worked to promote Make.Shift's online presence, maintain sponsorships, and help organize events to help the organization fulfill its mission of providing a space for all-ages art and music in Bellingham.