Meet The Gallery Jury: Javier Berzal de Dios



  • What do you do for work?

I’m an art history professor at Western. My research and teaching focuses on early modern art and aesthetic theory.

  • Do you make art? If so, what kind of art do you make and what would you say your style is?

I do not.

  • If you don’t make art or work with art, what is your relationship with art and how do you incorporate it into your life?

My job is all about writing and teaching about art

  • What is your past experience with Make.Shift?

I’ve enjoyed the art shows at Make.Shift since I arrived in Bellingham five years ago, and I’ve actually been bringing some of my students in recent years to meet Jessyca Murphy and learn about the space. 

  • What is it like to be involved with Make.Shift?

It’s great to be involved with the community and engaged with art outside of my usual academic setting.

  • What do you think Make.Shift’s style is?

90s revival.

  • What do you think Make.Shift’s place in the community is?

A fresh and youthful environment that reminds people that art is within arms reach.

  • What qualities entice you when viewing art?

A successful artwork is autonomous. It has to create a dialogue beyond the artist’s creative emotions and existential intentions.