Meet The Gallery Jury: Carrie Cooper


·What do you do for work?

Former small-business owner; beginning substitute-teaching soon.

·Do you make art? If so, what kind of art do you make and what would you say your style is?


Yes! I’m primarily an embroidery artist, but dabble in drawing, photography, design and print-making. Excited to start a sculpture and painting project soon. My style is Pop-ish Surrealist fiber art…I guess? 


·What is your past experience with Make.Shift?

I showed my embroidery work for the first-time-ever back in 2010 when the Make.Shift space was a gallery called Jinx. Since then, I’ve shown my art in about 10 shows, curated/organized two art shows and was on the Gallery Committee in 2015/2016. 


·What is it like to be involved with Make.Shift?

It’s great! It’s refreshing being involved with a gallery that’s so open to experimentation and new ideas. I’ve met lots of interesting people who have helped expand my point-of-view and my definitions of “Art”.


·What do you think Make.Shift’s style is?

Contemporary, DIY, outsider, punk-rock, not-yo-grandpappy’s-nautical-watercolor-art-gallery. 


·What do you think Make.Shift’s place in the community is?

I think Make.Shift’s place in the community is expanding and changing in exciting ways. But it’s always been a safe space for all walks of life to enjoy interesting points of view in the form of art, music, and more. I see the Gallery in particular as a place for both burgeoning and more experienced artists to experiment, gain exposure and practice their showing skills. 


·What qualities entice you when viewing art?

Socially relevant and/or personal concepts, innovation/originality, interesting shapes, surprising mediums, bright color, soulfulness…and anything to do with miniatures and/or dioramas J. 


Keep an eye out to meet the other jury members! We will be posting their bios once a week!

If you’re interested in submitting your work to be in a 2020 Make.shift show apply on our website at . The deadline to submit is October 14th, 2019