DIE-O-RAMA: haunted tiny houses!


It’s time to face your fears!

Build a Black Dahlia dollhouse! Or a miniature Manson compound!

We want YOU to re-create your biggest terror on the smallest scale. That’s right, for October Art Walk, Make.Shift Gallery is inviting the public to create scary dioramas for the most chilling month of the year.

How to do it:

  1. Think of a scary place from real life or your imagination. Then make a tiny 3-D version of it using found objects or other materials.

  2. Sign-up below!

  3. Bring your creation to Make.Shift Gallery on the DEADLINE: SAT SEPT 21 between 12-5pm

This show will not be juried — we will include all submissions entered unless they do not meet our guidelines. Questions? Send ‘em to gallery@makeshiftproject.com.

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