Writers Toolbox Creative Workshops

Artwork by Prairie Sandblom

Artwork by Prairie Sandblom

Hip Hop Artist, Rick Chyme, leads a free three-week workshop series with an aim to share tools and exercises that spark creativity in writers of all skill levels. Meditation, free writing, cut ups, exploration, and group collaboration are some of the tools Rick will use to encourage focus, empower strengths, and remove creative inhibitors. This experience will take place in a supportive, judgment–free, and grade-free environment.


Humans ages 9 to 145 are welcome. In addition to the tools mentioned above, participants will also receive:

- One ticket to a film at Pickford Film Center

- One composition book & pen

- One ticket to The Spark Museum Megazapper Electrical Show & Museum Tour

- Wisdom from guest speakers

about the instructor:

Rick Chyme has worked in music for 16 years; acquiring vast experience as a rapper, writer, performing artist, music educator, mental health educator producer, artist manager, college athlete, radio programmer, public speaker, coach and music supervisor.

Rick has lead many youth workshops in Michigan and has collaborated extensively as an educator with, “Be Nice” (Notice.Invite.Challenge.Empower), a mental health awarenees & suicide prevention program created by the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan.

A five-time WYCE Jammie Award winner (Grand Rapids, MI), Chyme is known for collaborating and pushing his creative bounds via ambitious, unorthodox means. This includes the 2013 completion of a 17 ½ hour improvised freestyle rap during the international art competition ArtPrize and writing & recording over 400 original songs in 2018.

Experiences like these have uniquely prepared him to inspire, nudge and guide others as they explore the creative process.

You can find Rick Chyme across all social media Rick Chyme and hosting two weekly radio shows :

Mind Of Chyme Radio 360

Mondays, 2-3pmPST

KZAX-Lp 94.9 FM (kzaxradio.org)

(Bellingham, WA)

Mind Of Chyme Radio 616

Sundays 10-11pmEST

88.1FM WYCE (wyce.org)

(Grand Rapids, MI)