Make.News Art Walk/KZAX Grand Opening!

Epic weekend approaching here at "Ye old Make.Shift." Let's dig in. 

First up on Friday we are hosting "Cringe" art opening during art walk from 6-10pm. Make.Shift has invited artists from across the community to submit works exploring the depths of creepiness and abjection. Artworks will span a variety of mediums created by both emerging and professional artists. The show will be on display until Saturday June 24th.

“Cringe” is a celebration of all things uncomfortable. Bring your barf bag and be ready to get grossed out! We’re so excited to showcase how Bellingham artists have taken up the challenge to push the boundaries of taste.

On Saturday KZAX 94.9fm will be open for business and ready to share all the work they have been doing. The Grand Opening features Cat Valley, Sir Coyler 7 his Asthmatic Band, Mhostly Ghostly, Step Dads, Nodalus, and Southlvnder. We are asking for $6-10 to help benefit the station. Doors open at 6pm.

This event will be not only include live music from many local artists KZAX airs but a photobooth, face painting and the unveiling of 94.9LP FM’s new branding and program schedule.

KZAX 94.9LP FM first started broadcasting in August of 2016. KZAX is a non commercial radio station with a focus on music from Bellingham and the greater pacific northwest area. The station also has locally created talk programming including the Mayor’s Arts Award Recipient, Bellingham Art Beat.  KZAX serves the Bellingham community by providing locally created content and eclectic music programming.

See you at Make.Shift this weekend!