About Us

Make.Shift is a maker’s space located in the heart of Bellingham’s arts district supporting artists and bands by providing 21 studios, an award-winning gallery, a live music performance space and a low-power radio station KZAX 94.9. We are an all-ages space dedicated to a policy of no drugs, no jerks, no booze.


Time or money, we need all the help we can get.

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ARt & Music Studios

We have 15 art studios and six band studios with 24-hour access. We also offer private rentals open the community for birthdays, meetings, workshops, film screenings and more. 

Live Shows

Providing all-ages shows in Bellingham since 2011, we regularly feature local, regional and national acts in our awesome basement venue.


We are committed to being a part of our community. We offer partnerships and sponsorships that bring people together and create safe spaces for people to express themselves.